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Beltone Apps

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The Beltone HearMax app is the most advanced control app for hearing aids. It connects your Beltone Trust, Beltone Boost Max and Beltone Amaze hearing aids to your iPhone®, Apple Watch® or Android™ phone for any easy and discreet way to control your hearing aids.

With a new, sleek and intuitive design that features one-tap access to the most popular features, it's great way to enhance your Beltone hearing aid experience. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play today. 


The Beltone HearPlus app lets you discreetly control your hearing aids from your iPhone or Android. Adjust volume, change programs, save favorite locations, check hearing aid battery status, locate your misplaced hearing aid — all done easily from your smartphone. Beltone HearPlus app couldn't be more user-friendly or intuitive.

Tinnitus Calmer

Distract your brain from focusing on your tinnitus with the help of Beltone's Tinnitus Calmer app. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices, the app offers a combination of Sound Therapy and relaxing exercises which can help provide relief from tinnitus.

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Remote Care Live

This new technology enables an easy face-to-face interaction with your hearing care professional - all within the Beltone HearMax app. With Beltone Remote Care Live, you’ll receive personalized care and feel confident knowing your hearing aid can always be fine-tuned to fit you - no matter where you are.

But if you don't want to have a telehealth appointment, you can just send your requests in and await your clician's downloadable changes! 

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